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Welcome TRIO Professionals! 

SSU TRIO Training had an eventful 2022 with in-person and hybrid trainings offered in Denver, Albuquerque, Long Beach and Alexandria.  Thank you to those who joined us!  In 2023, we will continue to offer in-person and hybrid trainings - using feedback we received last year to improve our hybrid model with more intentionality.  Unfortunately, we only received funding for Priority 5 Training for 22-24.  See below for the organizations funded for Priority 6 Training (and all other priorities as well).

The TRIO Training program exists to meet the needs of TRIO professionals, new and seasoned.  Sonoma State University’s TRIO Training Team has an astonishing number of years of TRIO experience, and some of the most seasoned professional in the nation.  Additionally,  our commitment is to continue to provide training that is reflective of the challenges that exist in the TRIO community - in fact, we are working diligently to update curriculum and delivery for 2023.  

We will offer 3 training sessions this year for Priority 5 (Recruiting and Serving Hard to Reach Populations).  There has never been a better time for TRIO Training – our community needs a place to refresh skills, ask questions, share stories, and feel supported.  Our team is here for you.  Please do not hesitate to reach out with your questions about our upcoming training and we look forward to seeing you in 2023!

In TRIO love,

Shannon Smith
Director of TRIO Training
Sonoma State University