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Welcome TRIO Professionals! 

It is my pleasure and honor to be the new TRIO Training Director for Sonoma State University.  While I am new to TRIO Training, I have been blessed to be part of the TRIO family for 13 years.  I believe this community is stronger than ever before.  The passion we have for the work we do – helping those from less privileged circumstances break through barriers – is driving us more than ever.  The year of 2020 will never be forgotten.  This year, 2021, is bound be another momentous and trying year.  The students and families in our care need our support more than ever, and I am certain this community will keep fighting for equity and equality, like it has done for the last 57 years.

If you are new to the TRIO community or you have been doing this work for an entire career, last year brought new challenges and obstacles for all of us.  The TRIO Training program exists to meet the needs of TRIO professionals, new and seasoned.  Sonoma State University’s TRIO Training Team has an astonishing 330+ years of TRIO experience, and some of the most seasoned professional in the nation.  I am pleased to lead this team as we accept the challenges being presented by the new frontier – the virtual world.  Our team is known across the country for offering personal, engaging, and bountiful training sessions.  Our commitment is to translate our strengths into virtual training sessions in 2021  - the same way you have had to do with the students you serve.  And as things improve, we will be poised to reopen our in-person trainings so we can go back to hand shakes, hi fives and hugs! 

We will offer 8 training sessions this year – 4 for Priority 5 (Hard to Reach Populations) and 4 for Priority 6 (New Director’s Training) through Webinars and tentative in-person events.   There has never been a better time for TRIO Training – our community needs a place to refresh skills, ask questions, share stories, and feel supported.  Our team is here for you.  Please do not hesitate to reach out with your questions about our upcoming training and we look forward to “seeing” you in 2021!

In TRIO love,

Shannon Smith
Director of TRIO Training
Sonoma State University